Some US Immigration Tips For Couples

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For most couples with dual nationalities, obtaining a visa that allows both of them to migrate to the US can be quite hard. Even passing the USCIS interview becomes quite a mountain to climb. Some choose to hire attorneys or lawyers to help them get through it while others prefer to appeal without assistance.


The thought of leaving your spouse behind can be quite difficult and trying. But there is a way you can file for a petition to enable you get a visa for you and your spouse. So if you are filing for a petition with the K1 Fiancé, there are a few tips you would find helpful.


Where to file the petition:

If you have already been unsuccessful in obtaining a petition, the very first thing you should do is to know where you can file the petition. The useful place to help find this information will be the USCIS. Their website will help you get important information regarding your visa and you will know where to start. If you file a petition in the wrong place, it will only create unnecessary delays for you and your spouse.



The USCIS requires that you give all the documents that prove that the information you have given is true. Thus when you are filing for a petition, make sure that you have all the documents together in case the agency requires them.


Communicate with your spouse:

Though this is a bit personal, make sure that you maintain a communication with your spouse. It can be one of the major reasons as to why your visa will fail. This is because you will end up giving contradicting information making it more frustrating altogether. It will also be easier to gather all the documents needed by the US immigration agency to facilitate your visas.


Tell the truth:

When you feel that there is some information you are holding back, you too are holding back the process. When it comes to immigration issues, it is never wise to lie. The immigration department considers it fraud to lie to the agency and is a serious offence. So tell the truth regarding all aspects and you will only make the process easy.


Provide a comprehensive history:

The agency will usually require that you provide a brief history of your relationship. Do not hesitate. Feel free to tell about the relationship from the start to finish. If the USCIS chooses to interview you separately, any contradicting information will lead you into problems.


Be confident:

Despite everything, you need to be confident and trust that all will go well. So keep up the confidence and you will be surprised at how easily things will go for you.


Again, you can never be wrong by investing in an attorney. He will be a good guide in helping you settle all the things. If they are experienced in handling other US immigration cases, they will be able to advise you on what to do.


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Some US Immigration Tips For Couples

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Some US Immigration Tips For Couples

This article was published on 2011/11/07