Locum Tenens Physicians: a Snapshot

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Perhaps you've heard of a clear opportunity for traveling nurses to practice their profession by accepting a series of short-term assignments in various locations, rather than working as full-time staffers. But did you know the same sort of opportunities is available to physicians? It's true. The concept is the same; we just use the Latin term (meaning "place-holder) to describe them. Essentially the locum tenens physician accepts short-term assignments according to his preferences and schedule.


Most of these physicians work through a staffing agency. The staffing agency acts as their employer and lines up specific assignments which they can either accept or reject. The client usually pays the staffing agency which in turn pays the doctor. The staffing agency is also responsible for benefits, travel allowance, and so on. Although using a staffing agency is the most popular way to pursue locum tenens work, it is possible to go it alone.


Self-Employed Locum Tenens Physicians


Physician's jobs are readily available just about everywhere because of the shortage of doctors. With that in mind, if you have the desire and skill to be self-employed as a temporary physician, you don't need to go through a staffing agency. You can contact various offices and health institutions in your area and inform them of your availability for locum tenens work. You can also branch out to neighboring cities and counties, and even advertise in different states.


Keep in mind however, that with self-employment there is a lot of paperwork, licensing concerns, and tax issues. You'll need to be rather adept at the business aspect in order to make sure everything you do is on the up and up. If you don't have the aptitude or stomach to be your own businessman, you're better off going the route of a staffing agency. Besides which, the slightly higher compensation you can earn on your own may not be worth all hassle it causes you.


Proven History of Locum Tenens


There are many skeptics among those who first year of locum tenens physicians. Many are suspicious that quality of care suffers, patients are put at risk, and long-term care is compromised. However, those fears and suspicions are unjustified. Locum tenens has been employed across almost every area business for generations. It's just that we only apply a Latin term to doctors and lawyers. But truly, any worker classified as a temp performs in the same way as a locum tenens physician does.


Rest assured that staffing agencies check licensing and credentials, and hire only doctors they can trust. Many of them would go out of business if they didn't provide the best staff possible, so they take the time and make the effort to ensure their doctors are the best they can be. Chances are, if you've visit a hospital or major medical institution in the recent past you probably had some interaction with a locum tenens physician. And you didn't even know it.

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Locum Tenens Physicians: a Snapshot

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This article was published on 2011/07/09