How To Choose a Real Estate Agency?

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Whether you are buying or selling real estate, the first thing you must decide is if you want to engage in this adventure alone or want to leave it to the real estate agency. If you don't have neither the time, or the nerves to bother yourself with the paperwork, annoying customers or evading apartments, then the matter is clear - hire a professional. We will try to help you find the right one.

In America today there are several thousands of real estate agencies, from the smallest ones that operate on the principle of 'one-man show', to serious companies that have dozens of employees.

How to find right one?

You need to be cautions ... When you find an agency, the first thing on which you insist is to sign up a mediation agreement. It must contain your data, information about the agency, the fee for mediation and job descriptions for which the agency intervenes. In the contract you can put special instructions to define precisely which jobs you will expect from the agency to do for you.

Agency obligations

Agency for his work charge fees as a percentage of the total purchase price. Provision for sales is 2-4 percent and 2-3 percent of the purchase. It is good to know that you are not obliged to pay a provision if you have found an interesting apartment or an interested buyer.

The main task of every real estate agent is to provide you all relevant information regarding the ownership, building permits, property assessment, tax issues in real estate... Also, every serious agency should have a lawyer to solve any legal issues. If any of these, designated agency can't solve, it's best to find another agency.

One of the important things, especially when selling an apartment, is advertising in the media. Any professional agency with in such an ad must highlight her name. A buyer who responds in such ads must be aware that this means that he automatically searches for brokerage services and agencies, he accepts its conditions of business, and he will need to pay for the brokerage fee. If you respond to an ad without a prominent name of an agency, and when visiting the apartment nice lady tells you that she is an agent selling apartments on behalf of the owner, you can be free to accuse her of fraud and refuse to pay any provision.

Basically, when you find a serious and professional agencies, the sale or purchase of property should be quick and easy job that will not cost you a lot of hassle. But in the end, we will present to you another fact that may be crucial in deciding whether to hire an agency or is it better to go by your self with American property market.

You hires agency, to rid yourselves of obligations, and because you believe that professionals will achieve a much better price for your apartment. But consider for example that you sell apartment through an agency of 40 square meters and you are looking for 55 thousand dollars. Then your agent tells you that he had found a buyer who offers 50 thousand dollars, that makes him a good chance that your initial bid was too high anyway. You agree.

You have sold an apartment for five thousand dollars less, but the agency instead of 1,100 dollars, two percent provision, earned a thousand dollars. The agent done his works quick, took a provision from you and the customer, and set off on another task, with the loss of only one hundred dollars.

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How To Choose a Real Estate Agency?

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This article was published on 2011/05/12