Choosing A Local PR Agency

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The UK has a wealth of over 5,000 PR companies ranging from top London firms that work with global brands, down to smaller freelancers that work with startup brands.

Finding the right PR agency could be a difficult and time consuming process as there are so many to choose from, where do you start?

There are a few things that you can do in order to find the right PR company to suit your needs.

1/ Find a PR expert with experience in your industry.

Experience counts for everything in marketing. PR agencies will take on any job offered to them (especially during these difficult economic times) so even though you may not get the best coverage, you may get encouraged to use an agency that is not quite right for your campaign.

PR is about communication so finding an experienced PR specialist to communicate your message is half the battle.

2/ Find a local PR agency.

It is always good to meet with an agency before deciding to work with them. If you look at their website and feel compelled to use them, as it says all the right things and has good testimonials on it - how do you know it is not a student working out of their parents house with false testimonials. It is not hard to get a website set up to tick all the right boxes - so you need to visit in order to double check.

Also, if they are a local agency, you can have review meetings to get regular updates on how the campaign is going. If you are meeting them face to face them they will be more compelled to get you results to look over together.

3/ Compare prices.

There is no standard price for PR - all agencies charge different amounts. University graduates will charge less as they are starting up and getting established. Top PR agencies in London will charge a lot as they have the background to justify high costs.

Rather than spending hours looking around at different PR agencies one by one and then contacting each one at a time, use a price comparison site to find the best PR costs and compare like for like.

Depending on what sort of PR agency you are interested in working with (whether it is a freelancer or a top London firm) there are lots of PR agencies around to work with - just a case of finding a few relevant ones to compare so as to get the best price and service.

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Choosing A Local PR Agency

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This article was published on 2011/04/14